Scottie & Son Car Care Tip of the Month

Proper Washing
& Waxing

Purchasing a car is a big financial investment. Keeping it clean is an easy and inexpensive way to protect it.

Washing your vehicle once a week prevents the buildup of damaging chemicals and dirt that may harm its finish. Make sure to use a soap that is formulated for vehicles, not just dish soap. Dish soap will get the dirt off, but it will also strip away protectants. Always rinse your cloth well when switching from tires to painted areas; better yet, have separate tools for each area. Polish and wax once every six months.

Frequent washing and polishing is the best way to protect your car’s finish from the damaging effects of harsh ultraviolet rays, acid rain, dirt, and salt. Never wash or wax in direct sunlight!

It is important to look for any dents, dings, scratches or cracked glass. These problems, when left unattended, can lead to more expensive repairs down the line.

Have Scottie & Son take care of those little dings and scratches before they become big, rusty problem areas.

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Mechanic Shop
Scottie & Son Auto Center

Get all your repairs handled at Scottie & Son Auto Center.
No matter the problem, Scottie & Son
Auto Center can fix it for you!

At Scottie & Son we pride ourselves on our expertise and in providing excellent automobile maintenance and repairs.

Your vehicle is important. It must safely take you and your family to every necessity of life - work, school, errands, appointments, events and much more. Why would you trust your family's transportation to anyone but the best?

From routine maintenance to unexpected repairs we have the skills and knowledge to keep your car safe and dependable. We've been doing it since 1979!

Scottie & Son Mechanic Shop provides:
• Air
• Engine diagnostics
   & repair
• Suspension
• Alignments • Exhaust Systems • Tires
• Brakes
• RV & Trailer
   & repairs
• Transmission
   & repair

Loaner Cars Available! We know how difficult it is when your car is down for repairs. So we offer the convenience of a loaner car, shuttle service, and before and after-hours pickup/drop off.

Located conveniently off Highway 95 just west of Cambrdige, MN, we're ready to work for you.

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 *24-Hour Towing Service is for customers having work completed on a vehicle being towed to Scottie & Son Auto Center. Details here.



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